Flexible lesson packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your golf goals


Avoid any wait time and reserve your simulator time online.

X Golf’s coaches provide quality 30 or 60 minute lessons to golfers of all calibers, from those new to the game, to beginners, through to your low handicappers and elite amateurs. Our instructors, with their thorough knowledge and understanding of the game, capitalize on X Golf’s shot, swing motion, analysis data and cameras to help refine and improve your golf skills to get your game, with lessons available every day – including in late evenings.


Shot Information

Carry distance, Club speed, Ball speed, Club trajectory, Ball trajectory, Side spin, Back spin, Launch angle, Impact point and more

Video Analysis

Slow motion, Step motion, Side-by-Side comparison with other players

Data Analysis

With X Golf your data can be saved for future reference and ongoing training.

Lessons/Class Rates

  • 1 Lesson Adult $100
  • 3 Lesson Package Adult $275
  • 6 Lesson Package Adult $500
  • 10 Lesson Package Adult $800
  • 20 Lesson Package Adult $1500
  • 1 Lesson Junior $75/
  • 3 Lesson Package Junior $210
  • 6 Lesson Package Junior $375
  • 10 Lesson Package Junior $600
  • 20 Lesson Package Junior $1100

Text 480-444-9828 or email jesse@xgolfcarmel.com to set up lesson times

X Golf has developed a golf lesson teaching system which combines expert advice, sophisticated swing analysis and a welcoming environment that is redefining the way you learn the game of golf!

Our lessons are suitable for all levels of golfers and our trained professionals can assist with all aspects of your game. We provide a relaxed atmosphere ensuring value for money, technical advice that can be saved and reviewed and most of all improvements to your game!

For more information text or call Jesse Hughes @ (480)444-9828